CMW Legal transformed into Professional Partnership

We are pleased to announce that as of 30th April 2021 Czyżyk Mickiewicz & Partners Limited Partnership was transformed into Czyżyk Mickiewicz & Partners Professional Partnership.

We would like to clarify, that the change of the legal form and the name does not affect the continuity of business activity. According to the Code of Commercial Companies Czyżyk Mickiewicz & Partners Professional Partnership is a legal successor of a transformed company (Czyżyk Mickiewicz & Partners Limited Partnership). Transformation of legal form of the company does not affect the validity of agreements, which were concluded before the transformation.

Czyżyk Mickiewicz & Partners Professional Partnership keeps its current address, e-mails, tax identification no. (NIP) and statistical no. (REGON), as well as VAT EU no. and the bank account numbers (IBAN) – only the company’s registration no. in the National Court Register (KRS) has changed, and currently reads as follows: 0000897910.