Larger ships to berth in Szczecin-Świnoujście Port. The deepening of the waterway has finished.

This is the end of a large investment on the Odra river, the total value of which amounted to almost 2 billion PLN. The 62-kilometre section of the waterway was widened by 100 metres and deepened to 12.5 metres. Thanks to this investment, the maximum permissible draught of ships calling at the Szczecin-Świnoujście Port will be increased to approx. 11.0 m (currently it is 9.15 m), and thus the accessibility of the port to a specific group of large vessels will be ensured. For example, a vessel with approx. 20,000 tonnes of cargo will be able to enter the port with almost double the cargo after the fairway has been deepened. The port is currently working on adapting the quays for larger ships, so the capacity of the waterway will be fully utilised by the end of 2023.