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Limitation on the greenhouse gas intensity in EEA ports

From 1 January 2024, CO2 emissions from ships of and above 5 000 gross tonnage, calling at or departing from ports in the European Economic Area (EEA), no matter what flag they fly (EEA or non EEA), are included in the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS).

This extension of the ETS to maritime transport includes: (i) 100% of emissions from ships calling at an EEA port for voyages within the EEA, (ii) 50% of the emissions from voyages starting or ending outside of the EEA and (iii) 100% of emissions produced when ships are within EEA ports.

Under this extension, every year, shipping companies will have to monitor and report their emissions and purchase ETS emission allowances for each tonne of reported CO2 emissions in the scope of the system.

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