Limitation on the greenhouse gas intensity in maritime transport

On 12th October 2023 regulation (EU) 2023/1805 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13th September 2023 on the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport, and amending Directive 2009/16/EC has entered into force.

The purpose of the aforementioned regulations is to introduce a limit on the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of energy used on board by ships arriving at, staying within or leaving EU ports and introducing an obligation to use on-shore power supply (OPS) or zero-emission technology in EU ports.

Noteworthy are the limits specified in the regulation for the yearly average GHG intensity of the energy used on board by a ship defined for individual years, with the reduction to be as low as 80% in 2050. Furthermore, from 1st January 2030, ships moored at the quaysides in UE ports shall connect to OPS and use it for all its electrical power demand at berth.

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