Significant amendment to the Civil Code regarding the limitation of claims

On 30 June 2022, an amendment to the Civil Code went into effect, introducing significant changes with regard to suspension and interruption of the period of limitation of claims.

Pursuant to the amendment in question, conciliation proceedings initiated by a motion for a settlement attempt and out-of-court mediation were added to the existing Article 121 of the Civil Code, which deals with situations during which the running of the limitation period is suspended. This means that as of 30 June 2022, the motion for a settlement attempt and the commencement of out-of-court mediation no longer have the effect of interrupting the course of the statute of limitations, but only suspend the running of that period.

The aim of the adopted changes is to protect debtors from the unfair practice of creditors consisting in repeated submission of motions for a settlement attempt and to direct parties to resolve conflicts through out-of-court mediation.

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