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Employment agreement including management contracts

By-laws, collective labour agreements, instructions and other internal rules

Transfer of workplace establishments

Preventing workplace harassment, discrimination and unequal treatment

Settlement of working time, overtime, worker’s leave and business trips

Employees' responsibility towards employer

Relations with trade unions, including collective disputes

Individual and group redundancies

Inspections of the State Labour Inspection

Occupational health and safety, including accidents at work and occupational diseases

Temporary work, outsourcing, employee leasing

Posting of workers to work abroad and employing foreigners

Representation in court proceedings

GDPR Audits

Development and implementation of procedures and documentation for the protection of personal data

managing data security breaches;

Implementation of privacy rules

Ongoing legal advisory concerning GDPR

External Data Protection Officer

GDPR trainings

Representation before Polish Data Protection Officer

Green transformation

Non-financial information and sustainability reporting


Materiality assessment

Sustainable development

General disclosures