National Register of Debtors

In November 2021, we already informed that due to the amendment of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law, the National Register of Debtors will become operational. The Register was introduced by the Act of 6 December 2018 on the National Register of Debtors and is effective from 1 December 2021.

The Register includes information on, inter alia:
– entities against which restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings are or have been conducted,
– partners in partnerships, who bear liability for the partnership’s obligations without limitation with all their assets, if the partnership has been declared bankrupt,
– entities against whom the execution proceedings have been discontinued due to the fact that no sum higher than the execution costs will be obtained from the execution,
– natural persons against whom maintenance payments are being executed and who are behind with their payments for a period longer than 3 months.

The aim of the changes is to simplify and electronify the proceedings, therefore the following portals of the Ministry of Justice have started to operate within the National Debtors Register: Public Portal, Register for Public Administration Authorities, Professional Users’ Portal and Registered Users’ Portal.

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